Device diversity is a challenge faced by businesses wanting to build mobile apps. Using the right tools, we design and develop cross-platform hybrid mobile apps for most devices running on iOS, Android and Windows and package each uniquely to give the native look and feel required for the platform.


Take your Organization Mobile with our pool of Mobility Solutions for Critical Business Processes and Internal Engagements, On Field Process and more.

Website & M-site

Part of "really delivering" on mobile user experience is having a well built mobile website. According to our research: after having a bad mobile experience with a particular website your business?


We help companies (brands) and their digital agencies to turn their Mobile, Web & Cloud based Ideas into Scalable Applications to build their presence in the market by guiding and providing them end to end solution

Rich Media &
HTML5 Games

Enhance your brand or product with engaging and interactive mobile rich media and games.We have successfully developed and delivered 1500+ such project.

Facebook Apps

Don't just engage your Facebook audience with regular posts, videos and photos but with Interactive Facebook Apps and Games particularly design and develop for Brands to target their audience. Work with us to know more.

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Our Games
Beer Pong

The famous pub game now in 3D. Simply swipe up the ball to land it in one of the beer filled glass. Pot the ball in all the glasses in the best time.

Chhota Bheem

Chota Bheem is a side-scrolling endless running game where you control the character, Bheem. Dash through the exotic Bali landscape and avoid the evil monsters (Layaks) of the spirit Rangda to save the captured King and Queen!

Cadbury 5star

The absent-minded duo of Ramesh & Suresh are at it again. This time, in a China Shop. Help them complete their work in the shop so that they can enjoy the new softer 5 Star.


• Single and multiplayer wireless and customized games for brands
• Easy to deploy and use
• Works seamlessly with Android devices which communicate directly with the console
• The product and concepts are designed not merely to engage the audience but to make an environment that also becomes a Spectator Sport - where others who are waiting to play can also engage themselves and enjoy the game
• Delivers the all new big screen gaming experience. Any LCD/ LED/ Plasma or Projector screen can be used

Thirsty Mug

A single player customised game for Kingfisher. Showcase at The KingFisher Great Indian Oktober Fest at Bangalore 2013 & 2014 and at the AdTech, 2014 event in New Delhi. The user needed to fill the entire glass of the Thirsty Mug in the Time Attack Mode and get a Beer FREE at the Oktober Fest. We received a overwhelming response with more than 3000 people trying their hands on game. 


A multiplayer quiz game with the aim of selecting the winner depending on the time taken to answer the question. There will be a set of 5-10 questions that the user need to answer. There will be a timer at the start of every question. Once the gives the correct answer, the time taken to answer that will be saved. At the end of the last question, the player who has answered in minimum time wins the game.

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